This fun little WOD will work your whole body and its kid friendly also. The title says Fight Gone Bad Style, that relates to the interval schema of a popular Crossfit Benchmark workout, 1 minute of work at each of the 5 movements, followed by a 1 minute of rest, for a total of 3 rounds. I forgot to mention in the video demonstration, if you don’t have a chair or something to step up on you can substitute jumping over a an object like a pillow or a short stack of books.

3 Rounds for Total Reps

  • 1 minute step ups
  • 1 minute push ups
  • 1 minute sit ups
  • 1 minute burpees
  • 1 Minute air squats

Rest 1 minute between rounds

I did this in my garage. Round 1 – 136 reps, R2 – 139 reps, R3 – 145 reps = Total Reps – 420. I paced this so I would progressively get faster each round. Ultimately you want to keep each round somewhat consistent. If you come out too hot and fast you might have a great first round, but the subsequent 2 rounds will likely fall off drastically.

Be sure to get a good warm up in before hand with a short jog to get you started and then some dynamic stretching for a few minutes. Once your body is warmed up, do a mock run through for 15 to 20 seconds of each movement. This will help set your pace of the workout.

Be sure to post your total reps in the comments. Thanks and have fun.

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