Pull Ups in the Park

A body weight workout with running, air squats, pull ups, push ups and sit ups. The only equipment needed is a pull up bar and a pair of running shoes. Optionally a yoga mat or towel can be used to keep you off the ground. I did my workout in a park that had a pull up bar next to the running path.

Vengeance WOD

This WOD kicked my ASS! #135 is my 1 rep max on the Power Snatch, so I scaled down #115. I was able to pull #135 on the Clean & Jerks and the Deadlifts. 7 Rounds for Time: 3 X Snatch (#135 / #95) 6 X Clean & Jerk  (#135 / #95) 9 Deadlift  (#135 / #95) (more…)