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Power Clean 165 lbs

Put Up Some Big PR’s* This Week

We did a lot of 1 Rep Max’s this week at the gym.  I hit a PR every day this week. I was most exciting about the Snatch and the Power Clean.

Deadlift: 355 lbs
A few weeks ago I posted on FB that I did 325lbs. After a little form correction I bumped that up a bit this week.

Back Squat: 225 lbs
I did 245 lbs, but my coach said I needed to get a couple inches lower to count.

Push Jerk: 155 lbs
First time max attempt

Snatch: 135 lbs
First time max attempt… but I know at the beginning of the year I had a hard time with 75 lbs)

Power Clean: 165 lbs
First time max attempt, however, I know I cleaned 135 lbs about a month ago.

Power Clean Sequence
* PR = Personal Record