I Blew Off The Gym Today

bike-trail-post-skinner-butte…and for good reason! It was a beautiful sunny morning, so I went for a bike ride.  Managed to get in almost 22.5 miles with 1683 in climbing.

The WOD’s at #CrossFitToad have been pretty demanding this week so It’s nice to mix it up. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow.

It’s Damn Cold Outside!

I’ve survived -40 F wind chill as a bike courier, camped at -20F… it must have something to do with age because it didn’t break 35 degrees today and there was no way I was doing a workout outside.  I decided today would be a fine day to start my free trial at Crossfit TOAD.  I miss being a part of a gym…

Today’s workout went like this: Continue reading

Man Makers

One of my favorite exercises to make a WOD just a little bit harder… Man Makers.  After watching this video, I realized I missed a step when I did these the other day.

Workout from Saturday, December 27, 2014

Warm Up

  • roll out push ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Squats
  • Spider mans


– 1 Mile Run
– 21-15-9-3

  • Man Makers #25
  • Double Unders
  • KB’s
  • Sit Ups

– 200 squats

Time: 31:07


Post Xmas WOD 2014

I guess I haven’t been posting much of anything, anywhere. Logged into Facebook today and saw my year in review WOW that was short… lol. But that only means I’m busy being me. Family and work keep me jumping, but I still find time to get 2-3 WOD’s in a week.

With a new year approaching, here’s to making another effort to share more and keep my friend’s and family up to date.

Post Xmas WOD 2014:

100 X Double Unders
100 X Push Ups
100 X Squats
100 X Sit Ups
100 X KB’s #35

Time: 26:26

This One Almost Made Me Puke!

It’s been a while since a I nearly puked after a WOD…. but today was one of those days.  This was a Partner WOD at the former Crossfit Revival box.

1 Mile Run (split up how ever you want between partners)
Jump Squats
Games Pushups
Games Situps
Box Jumps
1 Mile Run (split up how ever you want between partners)

The workout goes like this… once the run is done you complete each exercise before moving on the next activity. Partner 1 does 10 reps while partner 2 rests, then other partner 2 does 10 reps while partner one rests. Then move on to 9 reps and work all the way down 1. Move on to next exercise.

Thanks to my partner Steve… we finished in 29:43. And thanks to Harlow  for making me chase you on that last leg!